Selfie Stick with Wireless Remote Shutter

Selfie Stick with Wireless Remote Shutter
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  • Pocket Size : Latest Version Mini Selfie Stick, grab it, hold it, put it in your bags or pocket, take it to everywhere you go

  • User friendly: Turn it on and Pair it with your smartphone via Bluetooth and you're ready to capture your special moment where ever you are

  • Allow you to take steadier and sharper pictures by avoiding shakes and vibration when holding your devices

  • Extendable Handheld Self Portrait monopod designed for Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Sony, LG, Google Nexus, Motorola, and other popular brand smartphone

  • Light and Compact - Will easily fit in your jeans pocket, small pouch, small handbag. No installation needed unlike the older version selfie stick. It's only 18cm, extendable to 81cm, small and portable. Take it everywhere you go

NOOTPRODUCTS® Selfie Stick [New] Compact Series
This latest miniseries self-portrait, features the one-piece design, installation free. This product is the most smallest mini selfie stick in the market, which makes it pretty convenient and portable to incorporated in your small bags or even jeans pockets!

[New Feature] Seriously Durable Phone Mount
Hold any size smartphone with premium silicone protects your phone from scratches and extreme secure gripping

[New Feature] Perfect Holder
The exquisite handle bar gives you a extra hold grip with wrist strap, double the insurance so the monopod won't fall off your hand. Steadier and sharper pictures

iOS Apple iPhone | iPod & Android Smartphone

24-Month Warranty - 45 Days money back guarantee - easy to reach friendly customer support

5 ( 5 / 5 )
This is the best selfie stick I have come across yet. The looks, design, build quality, functionality and size are just perfect! It looks nice and compact and it feels premium. The handle is made of a material that has a nice feel to it. The phone holder works great and extended well enough to hold a note 4 with a case on. The edges of the holder are made with a rubbery type material which will grip the phone safely. It looks quite durable too. The telescopic action is smooth and easy. The bluetooth was easy to pair and worked without any issues. It has a rechargable battery that charges via a micro-usb port at the lower end of the stick. A cable usb to microusb cable is provided. The charger is not provided hence you will need a computer usb or adapter to connect it to. In the last week i used it, the battery life seems pretty good so far, but I'll update if I see issues later on after multiple charges.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
This is the 3rd selfie stick that our family has purchased, and it is by far the most popular. It is small, holds the phone firmly, is very flexible in the various angles, and connects easily to all of our phones. One thing that bugs me about Bluetooth products is that they often have some vague number assigned to them so that when you are trying to connect it, you have to figure out which one in your list of detected devices on your phone is the correct one. This one showed as"Noot" in the list, which makes life a little easier. I know that is picky, but it does help. The unit charges from a standard connector quickly, and has lasted through a trip to the amusement park with our son for over 12 hours without running out of battery. I am pretty sure it got wet on the Adventure Ride that day, and it still works, so it is somewhat water resistant as well. I don't see how a selfie stick can get much better than this one, so if you are looking for a solid, affordable one, give this one a try.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I just got back from five weeks in Europe, where street vendors were hawking these at all the major sightseeing venues. "Selfie stick? Selfie stick?" I thought this was the dumbest thing ever...until I bought one.

Yes, it is annoying when people use these in public. What I am finding though is that this is really useful at home. Low-angle pics of the dog, top-down photos of a birthday cake, a homemade photo booth where the kids just push a button for instant gratification...the applications are many.

And this particular one sold by NOOT is honestly really, really nice. Solidly-built, smooth telescoping operation, and a firm padded grip for the phone that feels totally secure. And Bluetooth is really slick. I've seen the corded ones, and that's just asking for trouble. Great response time, and my daughter's iPhone takes pics literally as quickly and as often as you repeatedly press the button. It also charges quickly via standard micro USB.

If you're still wondering if I like it, I do. It's a definite winner.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Great for photos and video on the go!,

I ordered the Selfie Stick for my children as they love taking selfies. What I didn't realize is that this has far more uses than just the occasional selfie. Think of it as a mono-pod as well.

I used it on vacation with my daughter's Apple 5S and was able to extend my reach and record parades. Now normally when I record parades I find my hand tired after a few minutes, and the video gets shaky. Not with this stick. I fully extended it, hit the video record and braced it on a railing. I found I was able to pivot the recorder in any direction I wanted easily, and when the parade was done, I pulled the stick down and shut off the video. On reviewing the video later, I found that the video was definitely less shaky than in those that I had recorded by hand.

The button works excellent and I was able to take multiple shots quickly and easily with my daughter's phone.
The stick is solid and not flimsy, and extended pretty far. I wasn't worried about it collapsing.
The phone holder section is pretty solid, and I was able to place a Apple 5S, an LG G3, and a Galaxy S5 in the holder with no issue.

I'll definitely be buying this again for my other children.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
First off, I thought selfie sticks were completely stupid. I was wrong.

Regardless of my opinions of selfie sticks in general, this product is a home run. Directly out of the box the product connected with my GS5. I opened up the native camera app and started taking pictures. It was that simple. I am a contractor and I use the telescoping rod to investigate hard to see places in buildings and because there are no bulky attachments holding the camera in place, I can reach areas I couldn't before.

Pros: Quickly charges and seems to last a really long time on standby, I'm talking days. The products weight is very nice, not too light where the camera takes all the leverage but just enough to keep the center of gravity pleasant. The finish on the handle is not too slick but provides just enough grip without being ugly. The telescope provides about 2'-6" of length to capture more background. The telescoping feels very sturdy when fully extended. The camera mount supplies enough clamping using springs to safely secure the phone in place. The Bluetooth reached a line of site distance of about 30 feet away from my phone and still operated perfectly. It also works through walls but the distance was diminished by about half.

Cons: I wish it had more length when fully extended. That's my only complaint.

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